During the winter months, schedule changes might become necessary due to inclement weather. As a general rule, Calvary Christian Academy follows the schedule changes made by the Huntingdon Area School District. If the Academy is open and operating on a regular schedule, no special announcements will be made.

School Closing

During times of extreme weather conditions, school may be cancelled for the entire day. 
All regular classes including K4 and kindergarten are cancelled and all extracurricular activities are also cancelled. Announcements will be made on the radio/television stations listed below.

2 Hour Delay

School opening times may be delayed by 2 hours during times of inclement weather. This delay allows extra time for roads to be cleared and also allows for warmer conditions while students are waiting for bus routes. Infrequently, a delayed start may be later changed to a full school closing if conditions do not improve.
When the Academy is on a delayed start, the opening bell will ring at 10:00 instead of 8:00 and K4 classes will be cancelled (K5 - Kindergarten will still be in session). Bussing provided by other school districts may be delayed on a different schedule. 
Students riding buses from other districts should follow the schedule announced by their bus drivers. 
Announcements will be made on the radio/television stations listed below.

Early Dismissal

If weather conditions worsen during a school day, school may be dismissed early. All extracurricular activities will be cancelled for that evening. An announcement giving the time of the early dismissal will be made the radio/television stations listed below.
Please listen to the following radio and television stations for school scheduling changes:
WTLR (89.9 FM) 
WRMF (95.7 FM) 
WLAK (103.5 FM) 
WMAJ (104.9 FM)
WFGY (98.1 FM) 
WXMJ (99.5 FM) 
WALY (106.3 FM)
or text @ccasnow to the phone number 814-792-2081